Energy Modeling for LEED, Design Buildings On Eco Friendly Concept, Energy Management Services, Mumbai, India
"We Are Currently Contributing In Converting 50 Lacs Sq Ft Area Into Green."
Green Services we offer are:
• Feasibility Report Preparation :
We offer assistance in preparation of Feasibility Report which shall enable our customer to decide on going ahead with LEED rated projects.
• Facilitation assistance for meeting LEED requirements :
To effectively manage an integrated design process, Facilitator / LEED AP must coordinate multidisciplinary project teams beyond the limited interactions that occur between team members in the normal design process.
Integrated design mandates robust interactions among architects, engineers, building users, owners, operating staff and contractors during the early stages of design to produce both overall project performance and savings along with high levels of LEED certification
The Facilitator / LEED-AP must stimulate and manage more open communication among all team members at the beginning during conceptual idea generation and LEED goal setting, followed by greater levels of details during subsequent interactive design analysis and documentation. The Facilitator / LEED AP shall help project teams to examine the trade-offs between the up-front cost of pursuing LEED performance goals and the short and long term benefits from achieving them
• Energy Modeling for LEED :

to understand the impact of design considerations and system selection. Energy modeling helps to maximize energy conservation, decrease environmental impact, and  generate Life Cycle Cost savings that cover the additional expenses incurred in selection of efficient  utilities.

Energy modeling is the most useful tool in the early stages of design. Once the design of the building has been created in the energy model, it is relatively simple to compare various architectural and  engineering energy conservation strategies. Before standing any actual set up, Building energy  estimation can be done using a computer model of energy flow and processes which shows the approximate Thermal performance, the use of energy and its operating cost.

• Environmental Solution : We will provide sustainable design solutions and environmental management plan.