LEED Certified Buildings, Blue Print Audit, Designing of Efficient Electrical System, Energy Audit, Mumbai, India
"We Are Currently Contributing In Converting 50 Lacs Sq Ft Area Into Green."
• Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning of LEED certified buildings

Commissioning is a process to verify and ensure that fundamental building elements and systems are designed, installed and calibrated to operate as intended.

For EA Prerequisite 1 : Fundamental commissioning of the building energy systems, the following activities are carried out:

Verification of Submissions, and review Owner’s Project Requirements
Formation of Detailed Test Procedures and data Formats
Verification of systems and assemblies to comply with the Owner’s Project Requirements
Prepare pre-functional checklist and functional test procedures
Startup and initial check of all the equipments
Functional testing of equipments and systems
Preparation of system manual for operating staff
Training to operating personnel for maintenance and operation of the commissioned systems
Complete final commissioning process report for the project

• Solar Air-conditioning : For vapor absorption chiller system, solar heat has been used for generation.
• Use of Thermal Storage System to avail benefits of Time of Day Tariff (TOD) : Ice bank tank can be installed which generates ice during night time and can be utilized during daytime.
• Designing of STP/grey water recycling system for use in fire-fighting, gardening and cooling towers : About 85% of the STP and Grey water can be recycled back into the system which helps to solve daily ancillary water requirements like gardening, toilet flushing, fire-fighting.
• Energy Efficient Lighting through Renewable energy : Designing lighting based on the renewable sources like solar panels, wind mills etc
• Building design architectural solutions : There are number of design related problem of a building such as insufficient light and ventilation which further causes the high amount of Energy Consumption.  These can be avoided completely at the time of Architectural designing with the Green concept which not  only gives you solution but also reduces initial investment by 10%.
• Blue-print audit of Services at design stage : At the designing level of project, we carryout Blue-print Audit which is a verification measurement to minimize the drawbacks.
• Design assistance for meeting LEED and ECBC : We assist our clients in achieving LEED accreditation along with Energy Conservation Building Codes.
• Technical Assistance in Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF) : Under the Central Govt. registration any new project like new commercial building with more than 200000 m2 of area and up to 150000 m2 of built up area would require prior environmental clearance. These projects have to qualify through few things like Land-Water Environment, Fauna and Vegetation, Air Environment etc.
 We assist in meeting statutory compliances like MoEF and Energy Conservation Building Codes (ECBC)
• Designing of Efficient Electrical system with special attention to Harmonics issues : Lighting    advances like Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and CFL’s contribute in terms of reducing lighting loads not    only from operational point of view but also from the initial investment for cables and panels etc… and    the use of renewable sources like Solar PV can become attractive options.
• Innovative Solutions: We can offer innovative solutions at the design stage, which would not only reduce both, initial and operating expenses. Some of the ideas are as under: 
• System for Mineral Drinking Water from Waste-heat of Chillers :
   Waste heat (superheat available in the Refrigerant) can be used for in-house generation of mineral quality water, to substitute bottled water.
• Use of Ozone or Desiccant to reduce fresh air loads :
   Ozone can be used to reduce the fresh air requirements of the system to reduce VOC and CO2 levels in the circulating air streams.
• Use of desiccant based systems to reduce humidity loads from the fresh air, which in turn would reduce air-conditioning loads.