Develop Buildings On Energy Efficient Concept, Energy Conservation Building Codes, Process Audit, Mumbai, India
"We Are Currently Contributing In Converting 50 Lacs Sq Ft Area Into Green."


Questionnaire for Green Building Design


Name Of the Company


Contact Person & Designation




Phone No.


Cell No.:

Fax No.




1) Please select your category for LEED certification:

A) LEED New Construction
B) LEED Core and Shell
C) LEED Existing Building
D) LEED Commercial Interior
E) IGBC Green Home


2) Which level of LEED rating would be desired, choose from following:

A) LEED certified Platinum level
B) LEED certified Gold level
C) LEED certified Silver level
D) LEED certified level

3) Location Details:
A) Total Built up area-
B) Whether the land comes under the CRZ? -
C) Is section 80 A MOEF (requirement of Environment Impact Assessment) applicable? If yes, Details.-
D) Minimum development density per acre? -
    Availability of 10 basic services?
    Public transportation access?
4) Please furnish Architectural Drawing and Plot plan
5) Is proposed Material of construction finalized? If yes, please furnish the details
6) Does site have adequate water availability?
7) Is Rain water harvesting considered at the facility?
8) Is STP and water recycling considered?
9) HVAC system:
A) Segregation of conditioned and unconditioned areas:
B) No of persons working and working nature of building?
C) What is the equipment density? Please provide details if available-
D) Other technical detailing available?
10) Is lighting requirement for individual areas finalized? If yes, furnish details of lighting -